9/12 plan

Breakfast- 2 egg sandwich with buyer and salsa
Snack-carrots and peanut butter
Lunch- Asian slaw salad
Snack-jerky and mango
Dinner-cucumber soup, roast beef sandwich
Meeting- popcorn & m&ms, tea
Activity-yoga and 2 5 minute walks.

On a roll

So proud that I started and finished TurboFire 55ez last night.  And I pushed through when it was hard finishing the sets with jumps.

Tonight I didn’t eat the junk that was served four snacks at youth group. That junk Turns into toxins and toxic fat on my body.

And even though I didn’t feel like it because I was a little gassy, I still worked out. I chose a TurboJam that I wanted instead of what was”prescribed”.

Best laid plans and all of that…

“You have to start with a plan, but the plan you start with will not be the plan that gets you there.”  -Jeff Olsen

I’m a planner. Big time.  And over the last few years I’m learning this.  There is no program that will be the end all, be all regarding my health. 

Just live.  Be in the moment.  Expect negative feelings and problems, but don’t let them hold you back.  Fuel your body and give it the gift of activity, not sloth. Like attracts like. A body in motion turns to stay in motion.

Just live, but be present in that life.

40 Things I Learned During Bootcamp

Well, 8 weeks have passed and I have completed (and stuck with!!) Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp.  Lessons I’ve learned on the journey, in no particular order (aka – stream of consciousness):

  1. It feels great to eat to fuel myself rather than just because it’s dinner time.
  2. Sugar & refined stuff really screws me over.  I’ve known this for a long time, but haven’t really experienced it quite like I did during these 8 weeks.  Normal suddenly wasn’t sapped energy, it was energy and focus.  
  3. Sugar & refined stuff makes me jittery and anxious and bitchy.
  4. One day or even one weekend of being off plan won’t hurt as long as I’m on plan the rest of the time.  It’s about cumulative progress.
  5. I’m stronger than I think.
  6. I need a day off from working out during the week so I don’t feel overwhelmed with everything else and burnt out on exercise
  7. I think it’s very do-able to workout 4 days during the week and once on the weekend.
  8. I need to eat a lot (2000) of nutritious calories when working out so hard.  Some how it was implanted in my mind that I would only loose weight if I ate 1200 calories a day AND ran 5 miles a day.  Yeah right.
  9. I need to target for my intake – exercise = 1400-1600 calories.
  10. I had to buy heavier weights!
  11. It feels so good to sweat!
  12. Girl you’ve got this
  13. A year from now I’ll be able to write myself a thank you letter for all the work I’ve done and the progress I’ve made.
  14. I’m not sure I can keep up with boot camp intensity workouts every day.  But, I don’t want to stop.
  15. Something is better than nothing in terms of exercise.
  16. At the beginning of March I wasn’t able to do a push up on my knees.  Now I can do most of a push up on my toes.
  17. I’m a chicken to attempt running.
  18. I still have the desire to be able to run  a couple miles.  Guess I need to get on it.  New shoes?
  19. Rollerblading was easier this year than last year.
  20. I don’t care about the scale.  Or like it even.  It really gets me down if I don’t see the “right number” or what I expected.
  21. I didn’t loose a pound these 8 weeks.
  22. I did however, loose a full size!
  23. I will keep focusing on how my clothes fit to track my progress.  At the beginning of March, I wasn’t able to button my white capris no matter how much I tried to suck in and wiggle around.  Now I can!  They fit while standing up, but they’re uncomfortable when I sit, so, maybe in another month…  =)
  24. Planning & prepacking food is essential.
  25. I feel great about myself  & get compliments when I do my hair.
  26. My posture has improved.
  27. Not all skinny runner girls are judging beeyotches.  Most are very encouraging.  
  28. After 15-20 minutes of working out, I get past the slump.
  29. I will have to re-learn some of these lessons.
  30. Eating well is about adding the good things before taking away the bad.
  31. It’s okay to go rollerblading instead of doing workout C of week 6.  Just because you don’t do workouts in the prescribed order doesn’t mean you’re failing.  Failing is sitting on the couch.
  32. I am changing my life for good.
  33. I can’t wait for bootcamp #2 in a few months!
  34. I love feeling fit.
  35. I drank tea without sugar and liked it.
  36. I absolutely love fruits and vegetables.
  37. How to do a ladder workout.
  38. How to push through the lack of desire and just do it.
  39. 40-60 minutes seems like a long time to work out, but after it’s done, it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal.
  40. I can be proud of myself & like myself.

The one minute that will change your life.

I really didn’t want to work out today.  I mean REALLY. DIDN’T. WANT. TO. WORK. OUT.  But I remembered that I always feel better after the fact and that no one has ever regretted a workout.  So I went to it.  As I started the last hill sprint in today’s bootcamp workout, I thought I was going to die and I almost gave up, but I remembered it’s only for 60 seconds.  I can push more.  30 left.  15 left. 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!  And it was done.  And as I continued to press that decline button over the next 2 minutes, I realized I just made another step towards changing my life for the better.  Getting stronger & healthier, physically & mentally.  And it only took 1 minute.  If I had given up after 5 seconds of going as hard as I could at max resistance on the elliptical, I wouldn’t have made progress forward.  Nothing changes if you change nothing.  Another good quote I saw on Glenneth’s Motivation for Monday is: There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps. – Peter A Cohen

Stronger & Motivation for Monday

I love Kelly Clarkson’s “Stonger”.  It’s so motivating when I’m hitting the wall.

I’m getting physically stronger!  I was a slacker at recording my intake & output last week, but I did do the workouts.  But this week, after being nervous about these workouts, I’ve proven that I CAN do them!  And I need heavier weights!  Time for the 10 pounders.  And I was able to “run” on my elliptical at a higher resistance than I’ve ever attempted before!

I’m still getting mentally stronger!  Today I was home with a sick Miss Girl and usually I’d chalk one up to the sickness and not workout or care what I ate.  But, I stayed on track, thanks to prepacking my foods for this week (Still doing great on that goal).  And I just finished my workout at 9 pm instead of wimping out and saying I’m tired.  Yes, it’s been an exhausting day, but I realize I am worth it to treat my body right.  I ate pretty clean today too.  Lots of veggies and protiens.  I did have an english muffin with whipped butter and strawberry jelly for a snack, but that was as naughty as I got.  Pretty good for me!

On the menu today:

Tequila Lime Chicken – DELICIOUS!  And there’s leftovers for tomorrow’s salad!

Avocado Mango Salad – really good and easy!

Motivation for Monday: A year from now, you will be able to write yourself a thank you note for giving it your all!


I’m just barely hanging in there this week.  Every day I reeeelly don’t want to do the workouts, but I know I will love it when I’m done.  I am proud of myself, because I’ve upped the weights for pretty much all the exercises.  I allowed myself to wimp out and not challenge myself.  But I did it!  I, Deanna, did it!  I broke out the 8 pounders that have been sitting on a shelf with the tags still on them for the past, oh, 6+ years?

I think part of the reason I’m in a little slump this week is that Friday – Tuesday, I didn’t really watch what I ate.  After going to the Hunger Games and out for my birthday dinner, I kind of said screw it.  It wasn’t terrible, but I certainly haven’t been fueling myself properly.  And I can tell it.  I am craving a nice big salad right now!

That might also come from watching Hungry for Change.  In a nutshell, it’s a documentary about what we eat and how we should be fueling out bodies – with real, live, “raw” foods instead of the man made, chemical ridden, crap that we think we thrive on.  We’re overeating, but our bodies our starving to death because we’re not consuming good nutrients to help ourselves at the cellular level.  It really brings out the hippy in me.  Deep down, I see my true self in some small west coast town that thrives on local produce and everyone walks and bikes to where they’re going.  Instead of calling the girls over to watch a tv show, girls night is playing tennis, or kayaking, or mountain biking, or any other fun activity.  I wish that were a real possibility for me, but being as all of our family, friends, and jobs are here, in middleville, USA, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So for now, I can dream and try to make the most of life as it is.

BBBC Week #3 Workouts

3/19/12 – Bootcamp 3A.  AWESOME!! I loved it!  I feel so strong and challenged and like I can conquer the world!!  Hooray endorphins!

3/20/12 – Elliptical Intervals 30 min + AbJam  =)

3/21/12 – Bootcamp 3B.  Oh, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.  But I love it!

3/22/12 – Elliptical Progressive 40 min + AbJam.  Doing the elliptical on resistance 5 (of 10) for 5 minutes or 3 minutes at a high speed wasn’t exactly fun, but I liked the challenge and it kept getting easier with each progression.  I used to hardly be able to pedal on resistance 5.  I’ve gotten stronger!

3/23/12 – Bootcamp 3C.  Felt great!  Now on to the Hunger Games!

3/24/12 – needed rest day!

3/25/12 – another good rest day.

Week 3 Progress!

I am so thankful for Best Body Bootcamp!  I have made so much progress in the first 3 weeks and I know I will keep getting mentally and physically stronger as the weeks roll on.  I decided to weigh myself today.  After weighing last Friday and seeing absolutely NO progress, I saw that I am down 7 lbs from when I started this almost 3 weeks ago!  I’m not as bloated as last week, so I’m sure that helps!  =)

I’ve been having non-scale victories this week too.  Tomorrow is my birthday and today I went out with a friend for lunch and ended up being pretty full afterwards.  But, not only did I eat only 1/2 of my lunch, but I realized that when I go out for dinner with Hubby and friends tomorrow night, I really don’t want to over eat.  It  DOES NOT appeal to me.  At all.  So, tomorrow will be a challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to that challenge to prove to myself that I’m okay without gorging myself!  I’ll face the temptation of popcorn and candy at the theater when the girls go to see The Hunger Games and then we’re going to Carlos O’Kellys, so there will be chips and salsa and yummy TexMex!!!  With lots of cheese sauce!!  But as tasty as all those things are, I really don’t want to feel bloated and stuffed.  So, we’ll see how I do.

I can fit into jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in about 6 months!  Granted, they’re a little tight, but not obscene.

I updated my weight progress on My Fit Pal today.  It has a feature that when you complete your food/exercise log for the day, it will say, if you ate like this everyday, in 5 weeks you’d weigh…  And today it said a number in the 178!  Oh, it will be good to see those numbers again.  Not that getting healthy and losing weight is all about the number on the scale.  I actually will be selling my scale on a garage sale in a month or so.  But it was nice to see some number progress.  (I’m an accountant – I like numbers!)

On a side note, I subscribe to Christi Inge’s blog and I loved her post about How Not to Feel Deprived.  It really rang true to me.  You should read the post (and everything she writes!  She’s got amazing insight!)  Here’s my favorite part:

Say you eat {insert random food here}.

Then, you feel like shit – physically speaking. Maybe you feel sleepy, or get heartburn, or can’t shit for days. Or, maybe you can’t stop shitting for days. Maybe you break out in a rash. Maybe your blood sugar is all over the map. Maybe your joints and muscles hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

Yep, that sounds like deprivation alright.

Deprivation of health, vitality, energy. A well body. A healthy body. A body that hums with delight.

A body that functions properly.

Stop telling yourself you are eating {insert random food here} because you will feel deprived if you don’t.

That is a lie.

You get to choose how you think about what you are putting in your body. Feeling deprived is a choice.

So, back to all my birthday celebrations tomorrow:  I need to remember what deprivation really is!

BBBC Week #2

3/12/12 – Bootcamp 2A – Week 2 is same song, different verse. It felt great to be able to up the weights on this workout.  Didn’t want to do the cardio, but pushed through it and loved it at the end.  The amazing thing bout working out today is that I’m at a good part in the Hunger Games and normally I’d skip and read it, but I worked out!  Feels great to conquer that hurdle today!

3/13/12 – Walk for 50 min.  It was a GORGEOUS May day!  Wait.  It’s still March!  =)

3/14/12 – Bootcamp 2B.  I. did. not. want. to. work. out.  But it did!  I even told myself I could quit at 15 minutes of cardio, but I got there and said I could do 5 more!!  It feels so good to have done it.  I am strong.  I can do this!

3/15/12 – TurboJam Cardio Party 3.  Almost didn’t workout because I had to run errands after work, but I told myself just to workout till Hubs and Miss Girl came home then I could quit.  Thank the good Lord they were running behind because I finished it!

3/16/12 – Bootcamp 2C.  =P  Yuck.  Only made it through twice.  TurboFire HIIT 15.

3/17/12 – Short walk with Miss Grill to the park.  GORGEOUS day!

3/18/12 – Turbofire Stretch 40. Feels good.

Battles Overcome:

  • Having too many exercise options, then not doing anything.  In the past I’ve gotten hung up on trying to stick to the perfect plan, instead of working toward progress.  Is it more beneficial to build muscle or do cardio?  If I do both, which should I do first?  Tuesday, I was planning on doing TurboFire for my cardio day, but it was too gorgeous not to be outside.  So, I went for a walk.  Sure, I may not have burned as many calories by walking, but that’s okay with me.  Walking fit today and so I went with it.  Something is better than nothing!
  • Saying no to stupid eating.  In the past, I’ve had a really hard time stopping myself from mindless eating & bingeing.  Today I was munchy and grabbed a few Ritz from my food stash at work.  I started going for more, but I stopped!  I didn’t want to undo my hard work.  I didn’t really want the buttery cracker.  My mouth wanted something else, but I wasn’t sure what, so I guzzled water.  It helped.  I can’t believe that I’ve actually reversed some of my terrible habits.