More than a feeling

So, I’ve been doing AWESOME with bootcamp these first two weeks.  After about 10 years of being overweight & unhealthy, and about half of that in the obese range, It’s really been what I’ve needed to get to a better me.  I’m really proud of myself for finishing each workout and for saying no to mindless eating.  I feel like I finally have something to be proud of.  But I have other feelings too.

Disbelief that I have actually am doing this.  Disbelief that I really am completing the workouts and pushing myself harder and feeding myself in a nutritious manner.  It seems too simple that I suddenly have changed my ways.  A couple weeks ago I was really fed up with myself.  With not having energy, with my general laziness and discontent.  That was when I found out about Best Body Bootcamp.  I also came across Caitlin’s blog, Healthy Tipping Point, and thought that maybe I was at my tipping point.  But I’ve been here before.  There have been plenty of times over the years when I’ve thought this was it.  Finally I found a program that’s gonna make me change my ways forever.  I’ll get back to a healthy weight and never look back.  Well, after finding wisdom at Can You Stay for Dinner? I realized that I will always struggle with overeating and being lazy.  Which brings me to another feeling.

Nervousness. So I think I’ve hit my tipping point, but since all those other tipping points really wasn’t THE ONE, what makes this time be the real time that I actually change? I’m nervous that I’ll slip back into my old ways and I don’t want that.  I feel so good I can’t go back, but what’s stopping me?  I mean, I know I need to not let these negative feelings overwhelm me and I must press on, but I’m scared for that really bad day when I let it all slide.  What then?  It’s easy to say, get back on the horse, but in that state of mind, that just doesn’t work.

Have you ever dealt with these feelings?  Have you overcome them?  I’d love to hear some encouragement.

6 thoughts on “More than a feeling

  1. I’m with you. It feels like the tipping point, but I felt that way in 2004, after losing 110 pounds on Atkins … then met my Boyfriend, started eating carbs again and slowly regained most of the weight.

    I think, like you, I’ll always struggle with overeating and not wanting to work out. Thank goodness for things like Tina’s bootcamp. It’s just what I’ve needed to push me back onto a healthier path.

  2. I think that we all deal with this feeling day in and day out. I go in and out of months where I care about every single thing that I put into my body, and others where I mindlessly eat and gain back the pounds I had shed.
    The biggest thing that helps me is to surround myself with encouraging people. People that you can work out with and will encourage you to keep your healthy living a priority. Yes, you are going to have hard days/weeks but having that support is a HUGE help in getting back on track when you slip!

    I love the fact that we are all working and doing the same workouts each week. It is so encouraging and helps me to know that I am not the only one sweating my brains out :)

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